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Please sign this petition to let Congress know that: (1) America needs a simple solution to immigration reform that addresses the need for funding, and (2) Five + Five, developed by the nonpartisan Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) offers a revenue-generating third way forward between the two extremes of mass citizenship and mass deportation.


Congress has never come up with a way to fund a workable immigration system, despite the 41 times it has attempted immigration reform legislation in the past 225 years. Lawmakers need to focus on funding, not on tough talk and partisan dramatics.


The nonpartisan Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG) developed Five + Five, which will generate $210 billion and create 1.7 million jobs over 10 years by having unauthorized immigrants pay 5 percent of their wages, and their employers pay another 5 percent.

In return, unauthorized immigrants will get a 10-year work permit called REALcard. REAL stands for Respect, Equality, Accountability and Legality for all involved. 

It's a simple, just and practical approach that holds unauthorized immigrants and their employers accountable while enabling them to be part of the solution. It's fair to unauthorized immigrants, to their employers, and to U.S. taxpayers.


Revenue from Five + Five would be directed to the states, to help fund education, health care, community centers, the legal system, government services, infrastructure, and other essential services. Learn more about the details of how this would work and what the $210 billion would fund at http://immigranttaxgroup.org.

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Immigration reform is as easy as Five + Five. Please sign this petition today.

We, the undersigned, urge Congress to vote on and pass a bill embracing Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group's precepts for immigration reform.

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