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WHEREAS, at the time of President Obama’s birth his father was not a United States citizen and his mother was a United States citizen under 19 years of age;

WHEREAS, the relevant statute in effect throughout 1961 would not allow United States citizenship at birth to an infant born abroad with such parentage;

WHEREAS, Article II of the United States Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen;

WHEREAS, pursuant to the statute and the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, the location of President Obama’s birth is a critical element in the determination of whether he is a natural born citizen;

WHEREAS, President Obama recently represented in the case of Hollister v Soetero that he publicly provided to several internet websites a certified copy of his purported birth certificate which purportedly shows a birth in Hawaii;

WHEREAS, the document made public is a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) not an Hawaii birth Certificate; significantly, Hawaii emphasizes its COLB is not conclusive evidence of a birth in Hawaii;

WHEREAS, candidate Obama expended substantial effort and legal expense to defend multiple lawsuits, in an attempt to avoid providing the Certificate of Live Birth underlying the COLB;

WHEREAS, document examiners have identified several unmistakable defects and anomalies in the provided COLB, and conclude that it is a fabricated document, one that immediately violates state and federal felony statutes regarding fraudulent use of forged or altered identification documents;

WHEREAS, if the only assurance candidate Obama provided to state primary election officials that he was an eligible candidate was to sign state-provided certifications under penalty of perjury, it is possible those officials were subsequently satisfied of the candidate’s eligibility by the COLB;

WHEREAS, Congress was put on notice by numerous voters and groups prior to the November 4, 2008 election of substantial concerns regarding candidate Obama’s Article II eligibility, it is possible members of Congress were satisfied of the candidate’s eligibility by the COLB;

WHEREAS, Congress convened on January 8, 2009 in a Joint Session solely for the purpose of receiving, verifying and tallying the votes of the Electoral College and accepting, or objecting to and where appropriate disqualifying those votes in accordance with 3 USC 15;

WHEREAS, Congress failed to call for objections to any Certificate of Vote presented by the Electoral College during the Joint Session in accordance with 3 USC 15 ;

WHEREAS, such a call would have provided an opportunity to address the issue of whether the President elect was eligible in accordance with Article II and would have been prerequisite to valid acceptance of any Certificate, nonetheless Congress accepted the votes of the Electoral College without such a call;

WHEREAS, in the face of this extraordinary controversy the citizens of the United States are entitled to know whether the President of the United States satisfies the natural born citizen requirement of Article II;

WHEREAS, the members of Congress are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution;

NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned request that the Congress establish a joint special committee to investigate the question of President Obama’s constitutional eligibility; which committee shall have the mandate to subpoena and examine forensically all documents, including but not limited to his original certificate of birth, bearing upon such question.

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