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Ongar Skateboard Group, has been set up for 7 years, it's aim was to build a facility for Skateboarders, BMX riders, Roller bladers etc. Over the years we have participated in many fund raising events to raise money.

In late 2003 a concrete 'Floor' was layed down on a site near Bansons Lane, this, against request from the skaters was constructed by a local building company, and inevitably was a poor build, and eventually deemed unsafe. (Anyone who has seen it will see why) The park was built up of large concrete slabs joined together with 2 inch wide rubber seals, hazardous to any wheel users.

After this shambles (and a long court hearing) a Mini Ramp was erected at the recreational field in Love Lane, as a temporary solution to the need of a skate facility. It has now been a few years since the Mini Ramp was placed in Love Lane with no sign of any additions.

The Ongar Parish Council have once again began contact with the OSG to talk about further development, they have asked us to put together a petition to show the want and need for a more permanent facility at the recreational field in Love Lane, Ongar.

We have been asked by the town council to assess the potential interest and need for a new concrete skatepark which hopefully will be located at Love Lane recreational ground.

We would be grateful if you could sign this petition to show the need and want, please feel free to add any comments if necessary.

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