Honourable the President and Members of the Legislative Council, in the Tasmania Parliament

The Tasmanian Building Act 2016 was introduced January 2017 with an objective to streamline processes, reduce red tape and increase consumer protection.

But has it worked? ....
• Has the Building Act had a negative effect on you as an owner, a builder, a plumber, a building services provider or a consumer?
• Has the “Red Tape” increased?
• Plumbers & builders has your paper work increased?
• Do you understand your risk of being sued?
• Are you confused by the 14 Directors Determinations, 6 Supporting Documents, 12 Fact Sheets, 18 Guidance Documents?
• Do you understand the 67-page Directors Determination on Building & Demolition Work?
• Are you now competing for work against unlicensed and uninsured persons?
• Is illegal building work increasing?
• Has consumer protection diminished?
• Can councils now be fully informed of critical building work going on within its area?
• Can consumers continue to rely on council records to determine if illegal works have been undertaken on a property they wish to purchase?

Many of those working in the industry have a different experience to what is being reported by Government. With confusing and contradictory regulation, guidelines and determinations. RED TAPE has increased there is less consumer protection and increased illegal works.

Many owners and builders are frustrated and confused by the category 1 & 2 works. Some result in poor quality building work undertaken by un licensed and uninsured persons with owners left with increased litigation costs and the community is at a greater health and safety risk from poorer quality building work.

We’re asking Government to listen to grass roots participants in the industry. Please consider signing the petition below.

To the Honourable the President and Members of the Legislative Council, in Parliament assembled.

The Petition of the undersigned Citizens of Tasmania

That your Petitioners are concerned with the community outcomes resulting from the new Building Act 2016.

And your Petitioners request that the Legislative Council will establish a committee and inquire into the structural review, development and implementation of the Tasmanian Building Act 2016.

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