The Australian Classification Review Board

"The Classification Board classifies these films, computer games and publications.

There are six classification categories for films. G, PG and M are advisory categories. Advisory categories are not restricted to anyone. These classifications are recommendations only. MA 15+, R 18+ and X 18+ are legally restricted categories – in other words, there are laws regarding who can watch material classified MA 15+ and over.

There are four classification categories for computer games (G, PG, M, MA 15+) and RC. There is no R 18+ rating for computer games."

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It is unfair that films can have higher classifications than computer games and show explicit scenes of violence and/or sex.

The government needs to review the current classification guidelines in relation to this to allow adult gamers the opportunity to play the games that they choose. As adults we should be given more choice and opportunity - regardless of what games one desires to play.

The issue is that we should have a higher classification rating to allow for specific games that will otherwise suffer from modification or banning.

I believe I should have more choice in relation to the computer games I wish to play in the privacy of my own home.

A new R18+ classification category for computer games would help to increase the variety of games and the allow more freedom of choice for consumers.

In the past, games such as Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto have been banned, cancelled or modified so as to allow them to be classified MA 15+.

I believe this is unacceptable and I should have the opportunity to play games directed toward a more mature audience.

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