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Recent reports state that over 100,000 strays were collected in 2007. All of these had to be cared for by local councils or charitable organisations, and too many were destroyed.

If these dogs had been microchipped, the owners could easily be traced and any cruelty, punished. A dynamic school animal action club, called Speak Out for Animals (S.O.F.A), at Thorpe House Langley Preparatory School, is therefore campaigning for microchipping of dogs to be made law.

Recognising that some dog owners may be against this becoming law because of the costs, S.O.F.A is also working to persuade pet stores and supermarket chains to offer 'free' microchipping through their loyalty schemes. Additionally, local councils could be encouraged to hold ‘free’ micro chipping days whereby members of the public can take their dogs along to be micro chipped. S.O.F.A. is currently working with their local council who is considering holding such an event! The suggestions above would also promote more responsible pet ownership.

The Club's campaign has the support of the famous author Jilly Cooper, TV Vet Emma Milne MRCVS, TV Vet Marc Abraham MRCVS, actress Liza Goddard, Sheridan Smith and two Members of Parliament. They have featured on two television programmes and in newspapers, all with a focus on their campaign to make micro chipping a legal requirement.

Please urge your MP to support this campaign:


We, the undersigned, urge the Prime Minister to introduce legislation to make it compulsory for all dogs to be fitted with an identity micro chip.


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