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Michigan City, Indiana Board of Works and Public Safety
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Let's Beautify Stop 2.

Last Year Michigan City improved all the roads in the Sheridan Beach neighborhood, including the parking lot on California Ave. A bathroom facility was added to the North part of the parking lot. All this work has totally beautified Sheridan Beach and this administration deserves the credit.

There is only one last location that remains an eye sore and that is Stop 2. In May of 2013. I put in a request for Lake Ave to be completed to its furthest North boundary for the purpose of having access to our property as many other homeowners enjoy.

The home owners of 210 Lake Ave. and 204 N. Lake Ave. used to have access to their homes by walking down a ground level sidewalk. The construction of 202 E. and 202 W. N. Lake Ave. which was approved by the previous administration has blocked the access to the above mentioned residents.

The completion of Lake Ave. will beautify the area and give the residents the same fire, ambulance, and police response the rest of the Michigan City residents have. The completed road will also aid in handicap accessibility to the dune along with mothers and their children.

This road will be the most effective way for police and fire to safely gain access to the beach for emergency situations.

The parking issues on Colfax Ave. will be improved after the road is completed because residents will be able to park on their own property making more public spaces available.

We the undersigned, call on the Michigan City Board of Works and Public Safety to complete Lake Ave. North of Colfax Ave. to the furthest North Boundary. Also known as "Stop 2" To beautify the area, to improve the quality of life for all Michigan City Residents and for the Safety of those residents affected by the construction of 202 E., 202 W. Lake of the previous administration.

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