#Animal Rights & Justice, Compassionate Guardianship & Sanctuary
All Australian Politicians

Compassionate treatment of animals must not be allowed to continue to be determined by the fickle whims, nor the greed, nor the machinations, of political policies. Rather it must become a cornerstone principle of this nation.

Enshrined in the Constitution, this principle, of compassionate guardianship and/or sanctuary for animals, would be an unwavering reference point, guiding us all on how political, societal and commercial activities should proceed, whenever animals are involved. It would then follow that alleged breaches of this principle of compassionate guardianship and/or sanctuary for animals could be legally challenged 'simply' on the grounds of UNCONSTITUTIONALITY!

[Ideally the steps will be:
1.} enough people want it stated in our Constitution that ~Compassionate Guardianship &/or Sanctuary for Animals is a cornerstone of our nation~ ==>
2.} a politician introduces a Bill for Constitutional change ==> 3.} a referendum is triggered.]

We the undersigned request that one brave politician (of the governing or any other political party or an Independent) introduce a Bill into Parliament - which is the first step towards holding a referendum - to enshrine in The Australian Constitution the principle that ~Compassionate Guardianship &/or Sanctuary for Animals is a cornerstone of this nation~

N.B. The signature image of this petition is of a painting by Edward Hicks, "The Peaceable Kingdom", one of a series he did on the same theme. If this petition is successful, it would be a significant step towards making 'the peaceable kingdom' a reality within the modern world!

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