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Facebook Community Standards has for sometime and now increaslingly shown much different rules with respects to posting. Postings from any LGBT page or group is shown much different actions from the Community Standards unit of Facebook.

While most all LGBT page owners, admins show great restraint in what is shown in content they are repeatatly having posts removed, pages suspended AND revocked along with admins reveiving posting bans and some cases loosing their accounts OR constant challenges from Faebook for them to identitfy their accounts becuase they might not be REAL.

If thousands of pages can post a pic of Kim Kardashians bare butt all over Face Book and nothing be done and a pic of a wounded vet from a side view with nothing showing gets banned then THIS is unfair Standards!

Community Standards SHOULD be Community Standards with Fair Standards for ALL.

We the undersigned request that the shareholders of Face Book direct Community Standards to use fair and EQUAL actions for all it members. This includes and not limited to the banning of pics/posts/videos that would not otherwise be banned if they were posted by a hetrosexual page, group or company with regards to its content.

Facebook should also stop the practice of suspending members personal accounts by saying they "WE BELIEVE the account may not be real" targeted at members of the LGBT community and using the unfair CHALLENGE for people to identify friends pics when some of those pics can be of a dog or cat OR when the pic might be of a friend that is a chilhood photo or even an amusment park.

Face book should also create and maintain a FAIR resolution and appeal system that is easliy accessable by all that is an open form of appeal and not just some auto reply answer.

Community Standards with Fair Standards for ALL!

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