Southern Vance High School - Vance County Schools
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Southern Vance High School have decided that community coaches will not be allowed to assist our athletic department staff. It has been proven that Community Coaches play an important role in the lives of our children and in the community.

Some of these coaches go above and beyond on and off season. This includes summer workouts in football, camps, contacting colleges, SAT Preps, filming, and etc. Our head coaches need this support in order to run a successful program. All of our educators within the school system does not have the athletic ability or knowledge to become coaches. Therefore, if members from our community is willing and able to assist in this area we should be supportive to them.

Please consider our children first and set our personal issues to the side. Southern Vance is in need of support from Home, School and the Community.

We the undersigned, call on the parents and community of Southern Vance High to support our Community Coaches.

The community coaches help our children in athletics and academics. They play an important role in the lives of our children, parents and the community.

Please take a stand for them as they have for our children.

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