Boston Licensing Board
United States of America

The Exotic Restaurant Concepts, Inc. dba Exotic Grille & Sushi at 80 Mason Street, Boston MA. has been unable to obtain an All Alcohol License ( Liquor License ) from the Boston Licensing Board due to opposition from people in the restaurant business and their agents, colluding and engaging in anticompetitive business practice via bearing false witness, knowingly giving false testimony, manipulating facts, writing and presenting false information and misinformation, lobbying and treating their supporting witnesses with ... dim sum at Imperial Seafood Restaurant, for their services ... twice.

Our liquor license is pending appeal at the Superior Court. There will be a separate civil suit filed by the owners of the Exotic Grille & Sushi against the Opposition for slander, defamation of character, emotional distess, anticompetitive business practice, etc.

In the meantime, we are filing for a Common Victuallers License to serve sushi at our restaurant, Exotic Grille & Sushi. Please show your support for us against anticompetitiveness and sign our petition. Anticompetive laws was created to protect you, the consumer, so you can have a choice of which business to patronize, based upon the business's product, quality, service, and price.

In a free market where same service businesses need to compete for your business, you, the customer wins, when we have to compete with each other to win and keep your business. The opposition wants to take your freedom of choice away from you and most of you don't even know that.

How many people have been to any upscale Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Boston, MA or anywhere else and not have that restaurant be able to serve you a Sake or a Martini with your sushi? Has anyone been to Haru, Oya, Oishii Boston, Douzo, Fugagkyu ( owned by Imperial Seafood Restaurant ), Jerne or Blu? Well, it appears we'll be the first upscale sushi restaurant in Boston to open a restaurant without a liquor license. Go figure, but right now, we're just applying for a CV license to open our restaurant.

Unfortunately, because of the location, somehow we stepped onto a huge political minefield. How more non-political one would think a restaurant would be? Please protect yourself and us from the pettiness of our competitors. Please protect your right to choose which restaurant to patronize.

If you live in Boston, own a business in Boston, work in Boston, go to school in Boston, patronize Boston's restaurants, theaters, and businesses, then you are an integral part of Boston.

Sign this petition to reserve your right to patronize our restaurant, Exotic Grille & Sushi, in the future at your convenience.

Petition in Support of Issuance of a Common Victualler’s License to Exotic Restaurant Concepts, Inc., d/b/a Exotic Grille & Sushi, 80 Mason Street, Boston MA. on November 28, 2007.

To the Boston Licensing Board and to all parties concerned:

The undersigned support the granting of a Common Victualler’s License to Exotic Restaurant Concepts, Inc., dba Exotic Grille & Sushi, 80 Mason Street, Boston MA.

We, the undersigned Boston residents, taxpayers, voters, business owners and employees, students, patrons of the restaurants, theaters, and the local businesses are an integral part of Boston. We are interested in seeing an Exotic Sushi restaurant at 80 Mason Street. We believe this type of restaurant is underserved in midtown, Boston.

We believe competition is healthy in any neighborhood. Competition forces the service providers to offer better products and services at prices where the customers win. Lack of restaurant competition means with a lack of competing restaurant businesses and /or a monopoly, the customers are limited in their choices of where to dine and subject to sub par services and products at a price that is not in the best interest of the consumer.

We believe the granting of a Common Victualler’s License to Exotic Restaurant Concepts, Inc. will be in the public interest, will meet a demand for these services, and will be a convenience to the public.

Thank you for your attention.

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