Mathematics and children have not changed; why are we changing the way we teach this very basic, but most important subject?

Tried and true, common sense math has been replaced with discovery based strategies, and the results are in... our kids are not learning and parents either despair that their children will not learn math skills, or enrol them in math learning centres.

Is this what we want for our children? The time has come for a return to straightforward methods in the classroom.

We the undersigned demand that COPACS 63 take on this initiative and speak for many parents across this district who want to see the end of the Math Makes Sense curriculum and return to common sense math in elementary school classrooms.

This initiative requires that children demonstrate mastery in math concepts including: multiplication tables to 10, knowing how to add and subtract in columns, using paper and pencil as opposed to using computer games, mastering long division and understanding basic fractions.

These crucial life skills MUST be instilled in our children and understood before advancement to Middle School.

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