General LDS Membership

The governance of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints consists of two important bodies. 1) The highest leadership comprised by the 1st Presidency and the Quorum of 12 apostles. 2) The general membership.

Part of leadership's role is to propose changes. The role of the rank and file members is to approve or disapprove of "policies, major decisions, acceptance of new scripture, and other things that affect the lives of the Saints." This is called the Law of Common Consent. It was established by Jesus Himself with these words, "All things MUST be done by common consent in the church." (D&C 28:13)

This is a sacred opportunity for all members of the church to express their “approval” or “disapproval.” (D&C 124:144)

Unfortunately, today policies, major decisions, and other things that affect the lives of the Saints are NOT being presented nor accepted by common consent. If a member is opposed to any of the above, the only real option seems to be voting "Opposed" to the general leadership. Some day that will change. Eventually, the general membership will no longer tolerate disobedience of this plain and precious law of God.

Note to signers: If you would like to elaborate the reason for your disapproval, feel free to use the comment section.

We are COMMITTED to living fully Christ's Law of Common Consent,

We desire that our vote of DISAPPROVAL be recognized, counted, and considered by the apostles of the LDS Church. We are not in opposition to the church itself or the leaders, per se.

We DISAPPROVE of various policies, major decisions, and other things that affect the lives of the Saints. Each church member below may object to different matters. The purpose of this Register is not to detail the opposition. Rather, to record that it exists.

We have already voted, or plan to openly vote our DISAPPROVAL at General, Stake and Ward conferences. If we don't have the opportunity to attend a conference, we plan to notify the local leadership of our DISAPPROVAL. For some of us, neither of the above will be appropriate or possible. Our names recorded here represent our DISAPPROVING vote.

We vote with the intention of HELPING our Church.

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