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Raise money for comic relief
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In this year's Comic Relief does the Apprentice the two teams were asked to create a toy for children that would go into production. The girls team came up with Stick Stuck - Suits with Velcro on them with a dice to say which bits you stick to each other. The boys team came up with Swap Belts - A collection of fun space creatures that can be clipped onto a belt for collecting and swapping.

The girls team won on the grounds that the belts wouldn't become a craze and therefore would cost too much to produce. I think Sir Alan got it wrong and as the production of this product would give money to comic relief an excellent opportunity for serious money to be raised has been missed. If you agree please sign below.

I the undersigned believe that Sir Alan Sugar got it wrong and that the boys team on Comic Relief does the Apprentice should have won with their Swap Belt.

I believe that this has the potential to truly make huge money for comic relief and appeal that it be reconsidered for production.

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