Colombian Embassy- Canberra

As an Australian resident with a Chilean background, my husband, being from Colombia has endured hard times when it comes to processing paperwork within the Colombian embassy.

We've had to spend unnecessary amount of time and money paying for flights to Canberra/Sydney just so we could get a simple stamp verifying particular documents for DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship), thus meaning taking time off from work and ensuring we can get to Canberra before Colombia's embassy closing time, and furthermore waiting several hours to board a plane back to Melbourne.

In addition to making this hasty and horrendous trip, we've had to endure unprofessional-ism from a particular staff member there (Colombian Embassy), who still undertakes class discrimination in her stride as though it exists here.

Mate, it's a fair go for all, and i am sick and tired of all this lengthy processes hence why i want to make life easier for not only my fellow Colombian mates but for all; Not only now, but for those who are yet to arrive.

We need to stand up to the Government and take action. We need to have a Colombian embassy/consulate based in Melbourne like we did some what 8 years ago.

The Colombian community is expanding and we don't know where destiny may lead you. You may meet the love of your life like i did, and now we need to make a stand! We are the voice of our people, so please raise your hands as together we unite and can make a better place, together we can provide opportunities for all.

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