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I have always been keen about learning and curious about how our nation was doing, in terms of education. When I started researching the U.S. college dropout rate, I found it to be 56%. I was shocked by this statistic, and knew we had to do something about it. The repercussions of dropping out are harsh; unemployment rates are high and income is low for dropouts. Furthermore, dropouts affect us all because they affect the economy in a negative way by contributing lesser taxes. Join me, in signing this petition for college readiness classes that will ensure a better graduation rate.

We support the following policy of implementing these college readiness classes in high school. The policy begins in high school, before the problem of college dropouts actually begins. There will be mandatory classes where students can look at course and college options. This way, students will be doing something they enjoy and are prepared for, so they won't drop out. Also, students will learn the benefits of getting an education, and as a result they know the harsh repercussions of dropping out and will not do so. In addition to these aspects, students will be educated on how to manage their college resembling finances, resulting in a better economically capable undergraduate. In the class students learn the importance of college, how to deal with college finances, and explore college and course options.

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