#Human Rights

This petition is inspired by the heroic deeds of Colin Kaepernick and NFL leadership of all races coming together for human rights. Also inspired by the Mandis a -song over comer and written by the students of the east and south side high-schools of Denver CO. Also supported by members of the black student alliance of the University of Denver CO.

Petitioning dictionary law to change the word nigger. from its offensive and outdated definition towards african americans.
Per dictionary law. If a word evolves over ten years legally it must be changed.
Current definition. An uneducated African American. Obviously and heroically over ten years this word no longer applies. Petitioning to change n-word to a less offensive definition to take the negative power away from the n-word. The heroic evolution of the education of the African American in america must be applauded. An offensive word stating one is incapable of learning or ignorant is in itself an uneducated statement. Petitioning for the lawful intergration of the "new" n-word into dictionary law. To become a "new America"
'. Petitioning for "new" definition. Which will become - an educated person, academic, overcomer and friend.-. This so word is no longer insult but an educated compliment. the begining of a "new" revolution. The "new" revolution is to become:
-Complimenting- this to the brave impact of Africans leading the minorities in its evolution of education in America. If your going to call brilliant and kind visionaries something Your going to make it a compliment.
Also Petitioning to put childhood forgiveness courses for seniors in highschool. So that healthy childhood shame does not become unspoken unhealthy adult shame. This course creating a healthy body of adults in Americas colleges and workforce. This for a brave "new" future.

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