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OneManBand made a suggestion to add more functionality to the search function of City of Heroes/City of Villains. It seems developers think that this isn't something that must be done urgently. Here is the full text:

The problem:

Currently, when you are looking for a team to join, you have two options:
1. you can flag lft and sit there waiting until someone
invites you and
2. you begin asking people of your levelrange, if there is a free spot on their team for you.

The first option often results in players waiting for a long time, the second option often results in sending tells to team-members not replying, tells like "team is full, sorry" or "ask Ceasar, he's leader" and other forms of fruitless and sometimes even annoying conversation.

Besides this, the other aspect this suggestion will implicate is the struggle PuG-team-leaders have to cope with. From my own experience I can say that the role of the PuG-leader can sometimes get closer to work than it should in someone's free time. Especially recruiting new
members to your team can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming.
According to this I often saw the star wandering from one team-member to another, after the leader logged off, while the team is slowly breaking apart, regardless of how good the teamwork was before.

The Suggestion:

To make things a little bit easier for both players lft and PuG-leaders I'd like to make the following suggestion...

Currently, the only difference between the menu of a team-leader and the one of a team-member consists in the little "find"-button at the bottom of the team display, which is mainly a shortcut for the "/search" command everybody can use all the time. My suggestion to this is, to give us one more button next to the "find"-button and call it
"search" or "advertise" or something. Clicking this button should result in a menu opening, in which the following options should be available:

- open/closed group (for instance, this option could be used to close a "SG-only"-team, or a team of which the leader thinks it's got enough members. Taskforce-teams would be automatically set to "closed".

Result: no unwanted tells anymore, when you're on a TF or in a closed-group of any kind.

- when the team is set on "open" the team leader should be able to pick the ATs he's looking for in a drop-down menu similar to the one in the normal search-window.
Result: The team-leader will only receive tells from players of the AT's he specified in this menu and he would not have to look for new recruits all the time, hoping to find just what he was looking for.

- besides this, the team leader should have the opportunity to make use of a little window, in which he can give a short description of what his team is doing/ up to. This could be similar to the "search description"-window.
Result: Everyone joining the team has an idea about what will happen on this team and nobody will have to leave just after joining, because he found out that the team is not doing what he hoped for.

Well, let's change perspective now, and have a look what can be done for the player looking for a team.

First of all, the "Find member"- button should be either replaced or accompanied by a "Find team"-button. Clicking the "Find team"-button should bring the player to a menu, in which only the leaders of currently existing "open" teams appear. Just like in the standard "search"-screen, there should be a drop-down menu to adjust the levelrange you're looking for, a column for team-comments as explained above and one to display the symbols of the AT's that are preferred by the team as well as a column for the teamsize. From this menu the player willing to team can now right-click on one of the team-leaders names where besides the normal options, he can choose to "ask for invite". If he does so, the team-leader will receive a pop-up-message: "Player X, Level X, AT X is asking for an invite. Invite to team? Yes - No".

We, the undersigned, call on the Cryptic Studios to add the above suggested functionality to City of Heroes/City of Villains.

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