Teens with a history of violence
United States of America

In 2004 my son, Cody Drumond was beat and kicked repeatedly in the head which later resulted in his death by 2 teen boys.

My son had merely whistled at their family member; in which he apologized to her. All was forgiven with the girl and her boyfriend but that wasn't enough for the 2 boys. They both decided to teach my son a lesson. What type of lesson is death for merely whistling at someone? Both of whom had prior violence issues and my son was not the first one they had beat up; it was however the first death they caused.

They both were tried as juveniles. It was brought out in the trial the numerous problems and issues they had with prior violence of the same nature.

How many more will die before we get this changed? Teens have to know that the any crime has consequences and just not a slap on the wrist. One way to make this happen is to make harsher sentences to stop the violence in our streets.

Thank you All for your support! With your help we can get this changed!

Teens with a history of violence should be held more accountable if their victim dies because of their actions. One way of doing that is being automatically tried as adults.

We, the undersigned, call upon our lawmakers to implement a law which stipulates if a teenage offender has a prior violence problems, and their victim dies that they be automatically tried as an adult.

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