#Neighborhood Living
Cobb County Commissioners and Planning Board
United States of America

Pulte Homes has applied to increase the density of development along Ebenezer Road, destroying the pastureland of "Lucy's Farm," cutting down the trees and leveling the site to build approximately 100 densely packed homes in a manner that will require many variances to county regulations. The history of this beautiful property containing two lakes is that it was long considered ideal for parkland and recreation. We now have the expectation that it will be developed.

We ask that Cobb County residents add your signature to ours, asking our Commissioners to limit the density and impact of this development. Our priorities are that development matches our community; not more than 80 premium homes on a minimum 15,000 sq. ft. lots, not allowing the many variances requested by the developers, requiring 40 foot buffers along Ebenezer, sidewalks, landscaped berms, monumental fencing, or post and rail designs to preserve the open sightlines and farm-style feel of our community.

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The Cobb Citizens Against Pulte Overdevelopment of Ebenezer Road Z-31 petition to Cobb County Commissioners and Planning Board was written by Tom Dilbeck and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.