Plastics SA
South Africa

Hiking the coast of South Africa has provided damning evidence of the extent of marine debris, and in most cases in remote places inaccessible by vehicle. The majority being plastic bottles. Regular coastal cleanups take place but NOT everywhere.

It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. In 2015, 74.000 tonnes of PET Plastic Bottles were recycled in South Africa. In 2016 only 5 562 BOTTLES were collected off the coast according to Plastics SA. What about the rest? Deposit return schemes work by placing a small deposit on a plastic bottle, which you get back when you return it. The more bottles that are returned, the more can be re-used or recycled - reducing the amount that end up as litter, in our oceans and in landfill.
We need to take action to stem the flow of plastic into our oceans. Sign now to show your support for a nationwide deposit return scheme for plastic bottles.

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