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Opinion polls demonstrated a significant number of ALP voters prepared to desert the ALP after its backflip on climate change earlier this year. With the recent change in Prime Minister, there is likely to be an announcement on climate soon, aimed at placating those voters.

The risk is that any new announcement will not be a significant improvement on existing ALP climate policy, but disaffected voters will feel they have to vote Labor for fear of worse under the Tony Abbott and the Coalition. This petition aims to give those voters a voice before the ALP announces its new approach to climate.

We also aim to empower voters who want to vote climate by providing easy to understand answers to questions about climate, climate policies and the implications for climate of their vote.

If you want to know more about these issues or if you like our petition but have questions or concerns you want to raise before signing, then visit our facebook site (above).

We the undersigned:

a) voted ALP at the last Australian Federal election; and/or
b) would otherwise vote ALP at this election; but
c) pledge not to vote ALP in the 2010 federal election unless the ALP commits to an immediate yearly decline in Australian greenhouse emissions.

We will not be satisfied with small tweaks to existing poor policies.

Examples of satisfactory commitments include:
* replacing Hazelwood coal fired power station with renewable energy
* a large scale gross feed in tariff
* 5GW of Solar Thermal Baseload power plants by 2015
* reducing subsidies to the fossil fuel industry
* implementing the Green's intermediary price on carbon

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