FSCJ students enrolled in CNT 1015 during Fall 2011
United States of America

CNT 1015 Operating Systems has a high fail rate for beginning level students which is not the fault of the individual adjunct instructors but rather the flawed design of the course.

Here's what we were sold according to the course syllabus: Course Description and Goals---In this course, students learn the basics of working with and supporting non-Microsoft operating systems within a network and Internet environment. Topics may include installation, desktop environments, Internet applications, file systems, security, applying updates and network/Internet connectivity.

What we got: Redhat, redhat, & more redhat

The design of the course was flawed from the start of the semester.

Much of the material from the course could not be accessed in a convenient manner thus hindering the learning process.

Students enrolled in CNT 1015 during the fall 2011 session are the 'guinea pigs' for a failed experiment. Changes are being made to the course for the upcoming semester that will be too little too late for students currently enrolled in the course. See quotes below from FSCJ faculty:

I am aware that there has been some dissatisfaction with CNT1015...I hope that we have the matter in hand and no future students will be placed in the situation you were in this semester due to the modifications made to CNT1015.
Wendy Norfleet, Ph.D.
Dean of Career Education
Florida State College • South Campus

We are aware of some items you pointed out such as CNT1015 being a challenging course for some students. The department is constantly reviewing the curriculum and faculty to ensure we are delivering the best leaning environment for our students.
Ron King, Ph.D.
Instructional Program Manager
Computer Networking

CNT 1015 Operating Systems is admittedly not an entry level course. This is according to FSCJ faculty as evidenced by changes to the design of the course for the upcoming semester.

We, the undersigned, call upon the faculty of FSCJ to remedy this situation by not failing students enrolled in CNT 1015 Operating Systems Foundations course during the fall 2011 session due to the fact these students did not have the benefit of taking a prerequisite course for CNT 1015.

We should not have to be the test case for a poorly designed course.

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