Niagara Region

PETITION for a Cloth Diaper Subsidy Niagara.

We, the undersigned, wish to petition the Niagara Region for a cloth diaper subsidy. Many other Canadian municipalities are offering subsidies by way of cash rebates, reimbursements, city services credits and subsidized free trial packs.

The environmental impact of disposable diapers should not be ignored. In the Niagara Region, disposable diapers represent about 7% of household solid waste. We would like to have a subsidy in place for Niagara families that are lowering their environmental impact by choosing cloth, thus reducing gross municipal tonnage and keeping single use products out of our landfills.

The economic impact of using cloth is also important. Families can save thousands by choosing reusable diapers. This pilot program is revenue neutral, meaning there will be no additional cost to taxpayers or the region, and can be covered by the offset of waste operations costs. It also fits with the Niagara Regions current waste diversion plans and goals.

We, the petitioners, request that the Niagara Region develop a cloth diaper subsidy pilot program that will support the use of cloth diapering and divert thousands of tonnes of waste from our landfills annually.

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