City of Carson, Caifonia council members
United States of America

The owner of Tips & Toes Nail Spa in Carson, California, has belittled and smudged the name, life, and death of George Floyd, victim of racial violence. We, the residents, and supporters, against this injustice are in protest of the mean and hateful words expressed by the owner of this salon, stating that he is COVID-20, while comparing him and his life to COVID-19., among other distasteful and derogatory statements.
Located near Cal State Dominguez Hills, in an area. expanding from the Carson City mall to just past the 91 freeway, comprised predominantly of the Black Middle Class since the late 1960's and early 1970's, this salon has long-since been patronized by our neighborhood residents and we will not tolerate such racism and discrimination by this, nor any other establishment, seeking monetary gain from our community! It is our wish that this establishment be removed from our community, as we are outraged.

We, the community of Carson, California, and like supporters, ask that you sign our petition for the removal of Tips & Toes Nail Spa out of our neighborhood, as we will not tolerate hateful, racist, discriminatory, and disrespectful comments of anyone of any Black community! Please join us in relaying our message of intolerance toward this establishment!

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