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MBC korean broadcasting station

First of all I never liked the idea of television 'forging' fake marriages, it's like spitting to the face of that sacred ceremony.

As an avid fan of the Korean Wave I'll be staying true to myself and say that I'm deeply AGAINST the show!!! Why?? I'm outraged by the fact that they're using Idols! Idols who are known to be loved by a lot of kids, teenagers and young adults because those are their target markets. I don't care if this sounds weird but because of the show it has DESTROYED the fantasy of our generation!!! Hearts from different countries got broken!!

I hate the way it's scripted, they shouldn't play with feelings and emotions that way!! Actually i would rather have those otp's within kpop groups to preserve the imagination. So if you are one of the thousands that dislikes the show please join me in this petition to show how mush we are AGAINST it and prevent other idols/artists into entering the show.

"We, the consumers of the Hallyu (Korean) Wave, are hereby petitioning for the PERMANENT CANCELLATION of MBC's We Got Married for such reasons stated above."

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