#Animal Rights
World and Korean press, Korean government.

The suffering of the dogs is too awful to mention but can be seen on You Tube - and undercover video. Dogs, ofen strays, captured, cooped up in fear, no food or water of course, then butchered alive for meat.

It is situated in a junk yard. Korea, by the way, has a thriving economy and there is no food shortage or need to eat dogs. Many Koreans love and respect dogs and cats and also hate this barbarism and they need our support.

We the undcersigned ask the press and Korean government, to close down, IMMEDIATELY, the large dog farm, situated in a junk yard at JINWI.

This is a disgusting place of evil and barbaric cruelty and brings shame upon South Korea.

We also ask animal aid groups be allowed in to rescue dogs awaiting murder.

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The CLOSE CRUEL DOG FARM AT JINWI, SOUTH KOREA petition to World and Korean press, Korean government. was written by Suzanne Thorpe and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.

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