Prime minister Scott Morrison

There is simply no time to spare in this current evolving situation we need to act now to reduce the spread of this mutation it will affect the whole Australian population if we don’t act now our children are the next generation and if we don’t do something now there won’t be one! Money isn’t everything people survived without money for hundreds of years! This government needs to step up and run the country the way the rest of the world is running theirs they are not waiting for their death tolls to rise they have closed the borders unlike Australia man up and do what the country want you to do and close the borders to international travel and interstate as well so we can actually contain the spread!

We the Australian people call on the Australian prime minister and government to close all schools, all international travel to be cancelled in and out and close all interstate borders to contain this deadly virus if need be lock down each state individually.

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The Close all schools now, close the borders to all international travel and close borders of our states to avoid the widespread of the COVID-19 petition to Prime minister Scott Morrison was written by Niki Risteski and is in the category Government at GoPetition.