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Wouldn't you love to put in your grocery order over your morning cuppa then pop by and pick it up on your way home from work?

What about all the savings you'd make on your grocery bill by grabbing all the bargains because you can see them all at once on your computer screen? Have you ever been at the supermarket and couldn't remember if you had that tin of tomatoes in your pantry, chucked a tin in your trolley to get home to realise you already have 4?! If you order from home your pantry could be 2 steps away!

I have recently been in contact with the Woolworths team and have been advised that if the Portland community can come up with a petition to have Click and Collect available for our Woolworths we may be heading in the right direction to be heard!

Please sign and share the petition and we will be well on our way!

Click and Collect for Portland VIC.

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