#Neighborhood Living
Raymond City Bottom
United States of America

I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 27 years and I have watched as it gradually goes downhill. I have watched it go from a quiet, friendly community to a harshe, violent, drug selling awful place. I have 2 children ages 7 and 3, and they like to ride their bikes and play with their friends, but they can't even do that now because of fear that someone will fly down the road in a rage and if you ask people to slow down, they come back at you and want to fight or pull out a knife.

This situation needs to be stopped before someone gets hurt or even killed. Landlords will rent to anyone here!!

We, the undersigned, call on local Landlords to stop renting without doing a background check and to make some sort of demands on the people that they do rent to. Please make tenants have a certain model home.

Let's work together to improve this neighorhood that we all live in. Let's make it the way it once was where our kids can grow and play in peace!

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