#Neighborhood Living
Mayor of the City of Seattle
United States of America

Why should law-abiding community members feel menaced and threatened as they walk down the streets of the International District on the way to their tai chi or kung fu classes?

Why should children be subjected to seeing druggies in the dozens solicting or being abusive towards passers-by on the streets during daylight hours?

Why should businesses be closing because customers are afraid to walk through groups of unstable/unsafe gangs congregating in front of their storefronts?

These are not the experiences any law-abiding citizen -child or adult - should have if the city systems responsible for public safety were doing their job to keep citizens safe.

It is a public outrage to experience the blight of drug trafficking and usage occuring on the International District streets. We ask that the city of Seattle take action to secure the streets and remove the dangerous element that openly occupy the neighborhood.

We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor of Seattle and the Seattle city leaders to clean up the streets, protect the public and put an end to drug dealing, drug taking and threatening interactions occuring on the streets of Seattle in the International District, particularly on the block of South King Street between 6th and 7th Avenue.

Neglecting these public duties - to safeguard our right to safety - has caused businesses to close, citizens to be victims of crime and harrassment and a general economic and social malaise to the neighborhood.
Remove the dispossessed, drug and unstable street vagrants so that citizens can take back the neighborhood.

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