Governors of WA

It is expensive, unappealing, rude, killing/harming wildlife. Throwing trash out car windows is seen every day when driving, and when walking you see trash littering the streets. It is so common it is not looked at as an actual problem, but it is. It is damaging communities and the wildlife, Even cigarette butts do not decompose in a matter of days like people think, they make up half of our littered objects. Littering also poses a bad influence for other people since they will so easily hop on the band wagon and down play their fault. People need to be mindful- carry a bag with you, put it in your pocket, anything. The trash can is not too far for someone's lazy ass to say it's not their problem.

Will you be sign this petition that ensures you will pick up after yourself. It takes no effort to not litter, it only takes mindfulness.

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