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The public wharf at Abbotsord in the inner-west of Sydney is use by commuters of Sydney Ferries and whilst not permitted, fisherman.

In the last three months the wharf has been putrid in the mornings. Broken glass, bloody razor blades, hooks, blood, bait, fish its all there scattered around. In the heat of the summer the smell was unbearable.

It never used to be like this despite the fisherman using the wharf in the same way for years.

It seems that Canada Bay Council, the authority responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the wharf are not cleaning it like they used to.

Go to http://gallery.me.com/cleanthewharf or http://web.me.com/cleanthewharf to witness yourself the vile mess that has been found on most mornings.

We need to get Canada Bay Council to do more to keep it clean. We cannot accept that what they are doing is sufficient. It is not. It is both a safety and health hazard.

Dear Mr Breen
Co-ordinator Cleansing Services
City of Canada Bay
15-17 Regatta Road, Five Dock NSW 2046

We the undersigned, wish Council to take whatever action necessary to maintain the wharf in a safe and pleasant condition.

If you need to change the (1) timing, (2) frequency, and (3) nature of the cleaning that is supposed to be conducted then do it because the wharf is not acceptable. Its just not clean.

Irrespective of your current efforts, we would like your efforts to be increased.

To the extent that NSW Maratime needs to be consulted, then do it. Don't dither. We the commuters and other users of the wharf would like to (1) use the seats occasionally, (2) use the water fountain, and (3) use the hand rails. All of which presently is not possible.

We the undersigned demand action.



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