#Human Rights
St. John the baptist Parrish Government
United States of America

Days that the trash trucks pass by residents often have to bear witness to streaks of spilled residue emanating from the garbage trucks. This is unacceptable in a residential community; anywhere else this would be a major problem but has been left unchecked - until now. We residents of Castle dr, wish to have a clean street and not be plagued by the bacteria and smell that this issue presents. Think about it; what leaks from those trucks is the accumulated liquid trash of the Parrish. Containing unknown pathogens and germs which has incredibly high potential to lead to health risks. In addition to the issue of germs being left in the open air like the days of the plague when urine and feces would simply be thrown into the streets; there is the issue of smell. Every time the trucks leave this liquid on the ground, even after trash has been collected there is a smell that subsides after a few days - sometimes carrying itself over into the next trash cycle. We must do better, and we must demand that the Parrish do better to address this issue.

We, the undersigned, call on St. John the Baptist Parrish to regulate, implement, and enforce measures to reduce liquid waste spills.

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