Governor Cuomo, NYState
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Climate Changes (Global Warming) is a Fact. The Politicians are not doing nearly enough to avoid a destabilization of our food sources leading to governmental collapse, leading to regional warfare & mass migration.

Yes we can do something about this.
New York State has HUGE amounts of free wind power coming off the ocean winds.
NYState is already 30% Renewable Energy.
We can bring it to 100% and prove that it's financially profitable.
Sign this Petition and put pressure on our Government Representatives to build Wind Turbines on the East Coast.

Dear Governor Cuomo

Thank you for your bold commitment to secure 50% of New York’s electricity from renewable energy and the recently released offshore wind blueprint. Offshore wind is critical to meeting our state’s renewable energy goals and will help spark a new renewable energy revolution in New York.

While the offshore wind blueprint is an important first step - New York can and must go further. By committing to a steady stream of offshore wind projects we can spark a new industry that not only powers over three million homes with renewable energy but creates good-paying jobs for New Yorker’s.

Officials in your administration have already stated that offshore wind is a critical piece of meeting our state’s renewable energy and climate goals and New York will not meet this goal without offshore wind. Yet at the moment, we have zero offshore wind farms. This summer Rhode Island finished construction on the nation’s first offshore wind farm and Massachusetts has moved forward to mandate utilities to purchase offshore wind. New York is built to lead, but we are falling behind when it comes to offshore wind.

Thankfully, we still have time to catch up. Governor Cuomo, you can build on your success with advancing renewable energy and the Offshore Wind Blueprint, by making an enforceable 10-year, 5,000MW commitment to offshore wind. This commitment will create new jobs and hold electric rates down, all while protecting our environment.

New Yorkers are counting on you to help meet our climate and renewable energy goals and we look forward to continue to work with you.

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