The Mayor of London (Chair, TfL), Leon Daniels (MD, TfL) Cllr Muhammed Butt (Brent Council)
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The four residents’ associations of Queen’s Park ward – Kensal Rise Residents’ Association (KRRA), Kensal Triangle Residents’ Association (KTRA), Aylestone Park Residents & Tennants Association (APRATA) and Queen’s Park Area Residents’ Association (QPARA) have launched a new campaign to secure more low emission hybrid buses on the 7 bus routes (13,800 buses weekly) travelling through Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise, NW10.

All residents’ associations have long been campaigning for clean buses on local routes and will now combine their efforts to put more pressure on Transport for London (TfL). Residents can show their support for the campaign by signing this petition.

Kensal Rise Residents’ Association commissioned Client Earth to conduct a four-week air quality study at various sites along Chamberlayne Road, adjacent roads and around the four local Kensal schools.

Client Earth identified high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on Chamberlayne Road and in all sites under investigation, frequently exceeding EU limits and such could be harmful to local residents' health.

Transport for London (TfL) operates 13,800 bus services weekly on Chamberlayne Road, and the majority of buses on these routes are powered by diesel engines. According to data sourced from Client Earth, in 2010 buses accounted for 24.3% of nitrogen dioxide emissions on Chamberlayne Road, compared to 16.3% for Brent as a whole, despite making up only 14% of vehicle flow per month on this road.

Given the findings of Client Earth’s air quality study together with evidence from air quality studies, the four Queen’s Park ward residents’ associations say TfL and Brent Council must put Chamberlayne Road to the very top of the priority list when it comes to the introduction of clean, green London buses.

The four residents’ associations, and with the backing of Queen’s Park ward residents, want every bus on routes through Chamberlayne Road to be a low emission hybrid model by March 2016. This is the single most important measure needed to bring down pollution and to protect our community's health.

We the undersigned are concerned at the high levels of harmful exhaust emissions, including Nitrogen Dioxide, from diesel engine buses on Chamberlayne Road.

We call on The Mayor of London (Chair, TfL), Leon Daniels (MD, TfL) Cllr Muhammed Butt (Brent Council) to introduce low emission hybrid buses on all 7 bus routes through Chamberlayne by March 2016.

In addition, Brent Council must proactively share its emission / pollution data with residents - making this information publicly available - as well as lead, lobby TfL for better and cleaner environmental outcomes in so far as TfL's transport operations are concerned in Queen's Park ward. Evidence of Brent Council's success in this regard will be measured by a marked reduction in nitrogen dioxide on Chamberlayne and beyond by March 2016.

Brent Council must also introduce better and joined up walking and cycling facilities across Queen’s Park ward as the current offering is sub-standard, verging on dangerous in many localities.

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