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Industrial Sand Mining is a relatively new industry in the State of Texas has little oversight. Little oversight can mean big consequences for communities next to the Frac Sand Mine/ Processing Plants. Permit By Rule is not near adequate for these kinds of operations. Who is watching out for the people next to these mines? Frac Sand is crystalline silica. Crystalline Silica is a carcinogen. Dust size particles generated during the mining , exploding , crushing, processing , drying , loading , and hauling of Frac Sand is a health hazard to the people living next to mine and those on the truck route to and from mine. According to and many others have all stated that when these particles are inhaled they can reach deep into the lungs and have fatal consequences. The organizations above state that exposure from inhaling or ingesting has been linked to silicosis, tuberculosis, emphysema, bronchitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, chronic thyroiditis and kidney-related diseases. A mining operation daily withdraws up to 2 million gallons of water that is mixed with a compound called polyacrylamide which is a flocculent used to treat the sand. That compound itself is non-toxic. But its production method may leave minute traces of a neurotoxin. As piled sand dries, acrylamide-laden water can seep into groundwater. Also, there can be acid runoff from mines. Please take the health and well being of the residents and their children into consideration and help us to sustain the quality of life we are accustom to.

We, the undersigned, call to TCEQ to take action and ask that they refrain from permitting Sand Mining of Texas LLC from being able to operate on Bruce Rd. & Applewhite Rd. We the understand are asking TCEQ to take into consideration that this is a fairly new industry in the state of Texas and there is little oversight on these types of Industrial Sand Mines / Processing Plants. Little oversight can mean huge consequences for our health and well being. This Frac Sand Plant poses a serious health risk from fugitive dust that has no way of being 100% contained on site. Mining, blasting, crushing , cleaning , loading , and hauling all are examples of when the crystalline silica can go airborne. Crystalline Silica is a know carcinogen with proven data from OSHA , American Lung Association , Minnesota Department of Health, The National Cancer Institute , and MSHA. There is no way to control the wind from crossing over this mine and carrying this cancer causing dust to our homes. The diesel emission from the machinery and the sand hauling trucks and fugitive dust off trucks is a serious danger as well to the people living near the paths these trucks will take. The chemical compound polyacrylamide is often used in processing the sand. It in itself is non toxic. But the production method may leave a neurotoxin named acrylamide and that is extremely dangerous to groundwater. Galvan Creek runs through the property they are planning to use. It flood frequently up and over the road. If the topography changes how will affect the flooding. There is a chance of chemical laden flood waters reaching our lands and homes. Our quality of life will be severely compromised by allowing a permit to this company. Please take our health, our children, our grandchildren, our animals, our wildlife into consideration.

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