SEC (Sacramento Environmental Commission)
United States of America

Public health and environmental health is critical as we all deserve to be able to breathe. It should be obvious why fireworks are unhealthy for humans. Smoke looms in the air for days due to large displays and individual consumer use.

For sensitive groups (suffering from conditions such as Asthma) this causes breathing issues. There are plenty of studies that verify firework smoke produces dangerous fine particles (PM 2.5) pollution that significantly impacts air quality. Metals and chemicals in fireworks make the smoke more toxic thanother kkinds of smoke. Firework smoke could contain minute metal particles that are easily inhaled.

Afraid of lost revenue? If everyone who hides inside with filtered air due to unhealthy air quality could join the celebrations, we could bring in the funds (taxes) lost by banning consumer fireworks. We have money to spend too.

We, the undersigned, call on the county of Sacramento to stop selling fireworks to consumers.

We also call for banning the use by non professionals of all fireworks within county limits. We support limiting the use of all fireworks, at all times, to professional displays, thus reducing air pollution.

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