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J.Crew is an iconic clothing and lifestyle brand that for decades has been counted on to deliver classic, breezy, beautiful pieces…pieces that communicate classic lines with a sexy flair…pieces that ultimately relay American chic.

For the past two years (approximately) the clothing designers at J.Crew have taken a turn that is SO off brand and completely tone deaf to the style and Charlotte York-esque classic design that loyal J.Crew shoppers have come to rely on.

Enough is enough.

We, the undersigned, call on J.Crew's Creative Director and design team to pay attention to and understand the brand that J.Crew built. We are not grungy, dishevelled, punk inspired dressers...we have no interests in those looks.

We like the classic lines, sexy and tailored shapes, with slight punches of zest/funk AND most importantly we want the beautiful styles and styling back that made your brand an icon.

Please listen to us and go back to creating the classic and beautiful designs that we expect from you.

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