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We are trying our best to protect our children going to Waverley Elementary school, by writing letters and forwarding petitions to the Mayor & Council. But public pressure is needed.

The current Vision council has a ruling majority and most are extremely cyclist oriented. This issue is not about drivers versus cyclist, but our children's safety versus cyclist's. Please do not let the City Engineering & the Vision council confuse the issue.

The cement Barriers on Claredon are not safe and need to be removed or revised!

We the citizen and residents of the neighbourhood of 45th and Clarendon, demand the City of Vancouver BC, the following;

• The immediate removal of cement barricades on Clarendon Street and 45th Ave.

• That this project and all other aspect aspects of it cease and desist until the following has been dealt with appropriately.

• An open town hall meeting between all affected parties Bicyclist, Pedestrians, Motor Vehicle traffic, to discuss this intersection.

• Formulate a plan of action with the involvement from the residents of the area and affected parties, as to how to address this intersection moving forward.

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