Clarence High School Students (Past and Current)
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Clarence High School is not going to look the same, next year...

As the budget cut propositions continue to unfold, more and more Clarence High School organizations are facing the risk of being eliminated. The Family and Consumer Sciences Department is the department currently at risk. Yes, this means the courses-- YOUTH LEADERSHIP, PEER GROUP CONNECTIONS, CLOTHING/ TEXTILES, INTERIOR DESIGN, FOOD/ NUTRITION AND CHILDHOOD AND DEVELOPMENT will be unavailable to Clarence students. These are classes that provide students with skills needed for life after high school such as leadership, character, teamwork, communication, college-readiness, responsibility, confidence, public speaking, etc.

This also means that one of the most popular and active clubs, HEARTS OF HOPE, will be eliminated too. Hearts of Hope has over 100 members each school year participating and raising money for organizations such as UNYTS, local food banks, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Breast Cancer Awareness. This means that events such as CLARENCE GOT TALENT and the Donate Life Awareness Month- Game Day in the Cafeteria will no longer be possible, along with DOZENS of other monthly events and activities sponsored by this club.

If the budget cuts go through, Ms. Giangreco and Mrs. Keller will no longer be at Clarence High School. Instead, they will be moved to the middle school. For any of you who have ever taken one of their classes, you know that these two teachers are the most kind, devoted, and intelligent members of the entire Clarence faculty. We cannot afford to lose them at CHS. They are the ones with the smiling faces in the halls every morning; they are the ones who say "Hello" to the students they've never even met; they are the ones who stay after class to answer questions and ask you about your weekend. They are what make Clarence such a wonderful place to be.

We are looking for PAST and CURRENT Clarence students to sign this petition and support these programs so that we can show the district how we have been positively affected by them. If you have a comment or story, please share it with us. We need all your voices to help the incoming students gain the same skills and wonderful experiences we all did!

We, the undersigned, believe that the Family and Consumer Science Department at Clarence High School is too valuable to lose.

We are in agreement that these classes and extracurriculars should be kept in the budget in any way possible due to their positive effect on the students of Clarence High School.

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