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HDMF - Pag-ibig Housing Loan Agency

The petitioner is an OFW and owns a small residential lot (121 sq. m.) in the town of Panglao, province of Bohol. Because of this land that I inherited from my father, I am applying for a PAG-IBIG Housing Loan in order to construct a modest house for me and my family in preparation of our permanent domicile in the Philippines.

I have completed all the requirements for housing loan application and submitted to HDMF Agency the following documents:
1. Original Certificate of Title (OCT)
2. Tax Declaration of Real Property
3. Approved Building Permit

However, to my dismay and surprise I was informed that since the year 2009, as per the policy of the PAG-IBIG, all applications for Housing Loan with the Original Certificate of Title (OCT) is NOT accepted.

We, the undersigned Original Certificate of Title (OCT) owners, call on the Housing Agency (HDMF) to give due reconsideration on our plight and to accept Original Certificate of Title for the approval of our Housing Loan Application.

Moreover, we are very much willing to submit additional and supporting documents as per required by the Agency so that we can finally realize our hope and dream to acquire a House of our own.

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