Primariile oraselor
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There are about 200,000 stray dogs in Bucharest only and about 5,000,000 stray dogs on the streets of Romania's cities and towns. They live on the streets. They attack people and especially foreigners. They killed a 6 year old child a few weeks ago. They killed a Japanese tourist a few years ago.

Everyday, at least 500 people have to go to the hospital to get shots against rabies, because of the dogs that attacked and bit them.

Taking care of these stray dogs is extremely expensive and it would mean that an orphan Romanian child will die because of hunger or an old person will not be able to receive his/her medication, because money that could go to help the humans in need help perpetuate this plague.


There are about 5 million stray dogs in Romania. They roam freely on the streets of Romania's cities and towns. They kill people, attack them, especially children and foreigners (people who do not live in their area). They have rabies and other diseases for which humans have to take shots against.

Putting them in shelters and spending money on them means taking food away from an orphan child or medicine away from an old person.


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