Belleville DPW
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Belleville particularly the Fairway Avenue and Riverdale Avenue have a history of floods. The floods however increase the already existing sewerage problem.

Days before Irene residents witnessed sewerage fluids coming out of sinks and tubs. As Irene came through floods of water combined with sewerage hit homes.

245 Fairway Avenue not part of flood zone had 4 feet of sewerage and flood water. 249 Fairway Avenue met the same damages. 253, 262 and 263 Fairway Avenue have toxic waste to handle in their basements, fumes in their homes.

75 Riverdale Avenue has their belongings lined up outside.

It would be easy to blame a hurricane however the sewerage problem existed before and created an issue that Irene can not be blamed for.

Why should this community of mostly elderly and children take on the cost and dangers of cleaning that mess? Why has DPW abandoned the homes to their own fates? Constantly pushed toward FEMA and/or insurance. Insurance knows that sewerage is not flood and FEMA is a low interest loan.

OEM sends you to DPW, DPW sends you to FEMA, FEMA sends you to Police for incident report and to DPW. The insurance sends you to your local town.

Who is accountable? Surely not the elderly. Surely not the homeowners that have nothing to do with maintaining sewerage flow.

Sign up and help to make these departments accountable. Remind them that a community sticks together. Remind them that fecal matter and urine is dangerous to the health of our family and neighbors.

Fix the problem entirely and get into the homes and fix the mess their system created.

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