#Local Government
City of Columbia City Council
United States of America

We are concerned that a small minority of individuals are trying to circumvent the five year review and public process of the High Voltage Power Line Project that was completed in 2013.

At the end of the study the City City Council approved "Option A" power lines that provide the needed infrastructure for the power grid.

* Option A is the long term solution for the electric system
* Option A places power lines in locations that currently have power lines, therefore there is minimal effect on property values
* Option A utilizes existing right-a-ways or easements owned by the City where other options will cost millions to acquire easements
* Option A was selected by surveyed utility users by a margin of 76%
* Option A satisfies the federal requirements for redundancy for the City’s power grid
* Option A power lines are at safe distances from schools
* City hosted 18 public meetings before methodically selecting Option A
* City has already encumbered $7.1 million toward the Option A project.

We, the undersigned, call on the Columbia City Council to not reconsider their selection of the "Option A" routes for the High Voltage Power Line project in and around Columbia, Missouri.

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