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Midas Spring Water is drawn from the deep subterranean aquifer* flowing naturally through the rock strata, protected from outside contaminants or pollutants. Unlike many bottled waters that are drawn from the ordinary municipal water supply, and then purified by reverse osmosis or distillation which removes most of the dissolved minerals.

Midas, on the other hand, has a naturally occurring balance of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and the mild alkalinity necessary for the proper assimilation of food and resulting good health.

Midas ranks as one of the two oldest bottled water companies in the country and has been recognized for its fresh agreeable taste by generations of consumers and by International competition, at the Festival of Waters, Berkley Springs.

Midas Spring Water, Inc is the oldest manufacturer in Mecklenburg Co. and one of the oldest bottled water companies in the country.

As a local business and one that provides a spring water that is unique and healthy in its natural mineral content, and as an entity that is strongly supportive of area non-profits and community events, we, the undersigned, request our area grocers and restaurants to stock Midas Spring Water on our behalf.

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