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Citizens Of Morgan County
United States of America

Morgan County was created in 1807 and named for Revolutionary War General Daniel Morgan. The county houses some of the most beautifully restored antebellum homes and towns in the South. We have all worked hard to maintain our quality of life throughout our economic growth. Morgan County is located at the center of 5 major cities, has access to the rail system, and direct interstate access for maneuverability.

These geographic advantages has made the entire county (Madison, Bostwick, Rutledge, Buckhead) a target for a Municipal Solid Waste landfill companies... that will bring trash to our historic community from all the southeast states and beyond.

We, the undersigned, believe a MSW landfill in historic Madison would drastically decrease our quality of life, contaminate our water sources that reach surrounding counties, harm our health, increase our property taxes, and ultimately destroy our historical community. If it can happen in Madison it can happen in Rutledge, Bostwick, and Buckhead. Our county needs your help.

We call upon our elected county officials to exercise their authority to STOP THIS LANDFILL proposal and strengthen our SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN.

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