#City & Town Planning
The Sarasota City Commision
United States of America

In recent times it has become more and more apparent that this city commission as it currently stands is no longer qualified to be the voice of our citizens here in Sarasota. The proof is everywhere. Examples: The Ringling Bridge. The Palm Avenue Project rejection. The way they conduct themselves in the public eye when discussing the Gillespie Park lawn parking issue.

Consistently ignoring the native citizens desires for the desires of new arrivals to the area who know absolutely NOTHING about this place, allowing them to dictate what happens with everything. And it goes on and on.

These people are NOT the people we elected to serve us. They have become something other than what they promised. And we the citizens of Sarasota shouldn't and won't put up with it anymore.

We, the undersigned citizens of the city of Sarasota, call for immediate new and progressive leadership that will actually serve the will of the people and not themselves or private interests and will actually listen and take into consideration the native citizens wants and opinions over the seasonal visitors who have been given far to much power here.

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