#Human Rights
Mayor Emanuel
United States of America

It is our right as citizens of Illinois to be able to live in a crime free environment. I have been deprived of my home town because of crime and the cost of living and mainly lazy Alderman. These Alderman have continued for decades on allowing gun violence to ravage the neighborhoods of Chicago. For those who are not clear on what the duties of a Chicago Alderman are, then see below.

Aldermen are legislators and members of the City Council who serve a four year term to represent the residents of a district or area of the city known as a ward. Nominated by petition of the voters of each ward, elections are held on the last Tuesday in February in the year preceding the presidential election. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast in that election, a run-off election between the two highest candidates is held on the first Tuesday in April of the same year.

By custom, an alderman is a source of information and intermediary on behalf of their constituency about city functions and services within the ward. Many aldermen maintain an office within the ward to provide greater service to their constituents.

I am asking that we stand together as one calling for the resignation of every Alderman who has failed in the ward they represent to stop the distribution of guns to our children. Or who have failed to stop job losses in our neighborhoods.

Th City of Chicago should take strategic actions suspending or eliminating aldermen positions until improvement has been set in place. After these positions are eliminated we can began to pay off the debt our city owes before we are entirely bankrupt.

With these unworthy salaries we will no longer have to pay out we hopefully can begin a healing process of investigation of the source of the guns, and began to stop the bleeding of a society in need of progress.

There is no way GUNS should be so easily making their way into children's hands and the Aldermen have no idea where there coming from.

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