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Let me first state that this petition is not based on extensive research. It is a petition reguarding private personal thoughts on this breed which are shared by many owners. I do not suggest it to be ok that you leave a child with a dog at any time or under any circumstances.

Look at signing this as a chance to show support for the breed and feel free to share your stories and thoughts. Ive recieved a lot of flack over this petition, which i was prepared for, but do not get technical and accuse me of hurting the breed.

This is a support petition...... Of all dog breeds the pitbull by far has the worst reputation known to man.

Once upon a time pitbulls were known as "Nanny dogs" trusted more than any human to babysit small children. Leaving a pitbull home alone with your child was considered safe because of their protective nature and lets face it, their massive stature.

Eventually PEOPLE saw their protective instincts as a SURE BET and easy money. This is what started dog fighting and one of the worst American pastimes that thrives to this day. It's caused an epidemic of over breeding and cruelty. The breed has been cross bred so many times that the bloodlines are tainted.

They continue to make top ranks on the aggressive breed list because PEOPLE continue to taint the breed with their own selfish ideas and foolish pride.

I believe There are more small toy breed attacks than bully breed attacks, sadly a majority of the toy breed attacks go unreported, driving the pitbull numbers sky high.

Most pitbulls are very impressionable. This means they are products of their environment. People attack people and get significantly smaller punishments that pitbulls. Most dont die for their actions, yet pitbulls do.

If STATISTICALLY more red heads commited more attacks than a blonde would we ban ALL red heads from our state? No..... we wouldnt. Pitbulls have a very high rehabilitation rate and more so than not, can be thriving members of any family. They are shown to love children and love positive attention.

Please don't have a hand in this amazing dogs demise just because the only pitbull stories that make the headlines are not very comforting.

More people die of alcohol related incidents than pitbull attacks...yes every single grocery store and gas station carries alcohol fully stocked......

A woman named. ANGELA RUTLEDGE is petitioning the state of Georgia to ban ALL pitbulls..... though I sympathize with her because of her tragedy, her idea is absolutely unacceptable.

By signing this petition you will be standing up for the rights of animals that many people consider their children. Animals that have families, warm beds and not a viciously corrupt bone in their bodies.

Banning pitbulls from this state or ANY state is discrimination in the highest degree. Beware because your cute little yorkie or Chihuahua could be the next target.

Stand up and be the voice of the voiceless.

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